Welcome to Dyson and Bo.com! When we first saw Dyson and Bo on “Lost Girl”, we fell in love with their characters instantly. Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried fit their roles to perfection. Not only do they sizzle onscreen when they are a couple, they make a great team as well. They have had their ups and downs throughout the course of Season 1-2, and we are hoping they will become closer than ever in Season 3. We at Dyson and Bo.com have high hopes for them! We currently have 5,000+ images in the gallery and 80+ video clips in the media section. More content will be added over time, so be sure to visit again soon.

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By Christine on September 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

I’m pleased to say that Dyson and Bo.com has a new layout thanks to Sunset Productions!

I hope you like it, please let me know what you think!

By Christine on September 5, 2012 • No Comments

Hey, everyone! My name is Christine and I’m going to be taking over the role of webmaster from Kelly here at Dyson and Bo.com!

First I would like to say thank you to Kelly for giving me the opportunity to run a fansite for one of my all-time favorite TV couples and for the wonderful work she has put into the site for me to continue to develop. As a visitor to the site I am familiar with the site but I will still be spending the next couple of days getting used to things ‘behind the scenes.’ After that you can be sure to expect lots of updates as we prepare for Season 3!

By Kelly on July 20, 2012 • No Comments

“Lost Girl” is featured in the current issue of TV Guide under their Sci-Fi Preview.

PS: Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here! I haven’t had much free time lately, but will try to get more Season 2 videos and quotes added soon.

By Kelly on June 25, 2012 • No Comments

There is some tension this particular Thursday afternoon in May on the Toronto set of Lost Girl, but happily it is all of a fictional nature. Our heroine, Bo, who has been injured and looking none-too-well, is having a difficult time trying to convince her crime-fighting allies that they need to change strategy when it comes to catching the baddie of the week.

She finally succeeds in persuading her ex-lover and police detective Dyson to go along with her plan, much to the chagrin of his colleague.

“Cut! That was great,” says director Ron Murphy.

This above scene is from one of the hit supernatural show’s third season episodes. For those unfamiliar with Lost Girl, the series follows the adventures of Bo, a Succubus (a supernatural being who feeds off the sexual energy of others) and member of a race of uber-humans known as Fae.

Having walked in Bo’s leather boots for two seasons and now a third, actress Anna Silk is a perfect fit for the role, even though she initially had some doubts about the project.

“When I originally received the (pilot) script, I read the tagline for it, which was something like, ‘Supernatural sex creature who needs sex to survive,’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, right. What the heck is this?’ recalls Silk. “Then, however, I read the script, which was written by (series creator/executive producer) Michelle Lovretta, and discovered that she wrote this really complex, cool, female lead character who is a sexual creature but in the most vulnerable sort of way.”

You can read the entire interview here.

By Kelly on June 24, 2012 • No Comments

I added videos and quotes for “Lost Girl” Episode 2×5.

Dyson: Bo! Shut it off!
Bo: Are you kidding me? Dyson, what the hell?
Dyson: It’s a pack thing, babe.

» “BrotherFae of the Wolves” Episode 2×5 (Videos)
» “BrotherFae of the Wolves” Episode 2×5 (Quotes)

By Kelly on June 24, 2012 • No Comments

FUNimation Entertainment announced on June 18th that it has acquired the Blu-ray & DVD, DTO/DTR/EST, (and via digital carriers) PPV and VOD rights to the hit series, Lost Girl as seen on cable’s Syfy Channel and Showcase in Canada. Season One will be released on October 23, 2012 with Season Two following on November 13, 2012. More information can be found at: takelostgirlhome.com

By Kelly on June 17, 2012 • No Comments

I added videos and quotes for “Lost Girl” Episode 2×4.

Bo: Dyson, this thing took Kenzi. Stupid, stubborn, human Kenzi. And if you don’t help me get her back, I am gonna make this curse look like a teddy bear’s picnic.
Dyson: Of course I’m gonna help. I’m still me.
Bo: Yeah, sometimes I wonder.

» “Mirror, Mirror” Episode 2×4 (Videos)
» “Mirror, Mirror” Episode 2×4 (Quotes)

By Kelly on June 5, 2012 • No Comments

Good news for fans of the Fae: The Huffington Post has exclusively learned that Syfy has renewed “Lost Girl” for a third season, which will arrive on the network in January 2013.

Canadian fans may already be aware that the frisky drama, which chronicles life in an underground community called the Fae, had been renewed north of the border several months ago, but the Syfy renewal means that American “Lost Girl” fans won’t be left behind as the 13-episode third season unfolds.

The 22-episode second season of “Lost Girl,” which stars Anna Silk as a succubus named Bo, is currently airing on Syfy on Mondays, but as of July 20, the supernatural drama is moving to Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

What will there be more of and less of?

More sex. More drama. More lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry between our incredibly talented cast. More fiercely witty lady superheroes kicking ass while enjoying non-mean-girl friendships. Less lovers in comas (notice I didn’t say “none”).

Can you talk about the “romantic choice” Bo will have to make in Season 3?

Lemme just say this: Can a succubus ever truly be monogamous? Even if she wants to?

Will there be a new big bad or an ongoing arc during the season?

Several ongoing arcs. As to a new “big bad,” well, Bo’s hard-fought notions of good vs. evil will be seriously challenged. Everything — and everyone — in her life may not be what they appear. Including Bo herself …

You can read the entire article here.

By Kelly on June 5, 2012 • No Comments

I added 1 more HQ still of Bo from “Vexed” Episode 1×8.

Thanks to my friend Renee for sending it to me!

By Kelly on June 3, 2012 • No Comments

I added videos, quotes, and 1 song for “Lost Girl” Episode 2×3.

Dyson: Hey. Where you going?
Bo: What’s it to you?
Dyson: Bo, I want it back.
Bo: What?
Dyson: All of it. I wanna be with you.
Bo: But the Norn…
Dyson: Whaddya say? In here we can be together… always.

» “Scream a Little Dream” Episode 2×3 (Videos)
» “Scream a Little Dream” Episode 2×3 (Music)
» “Scream a Little Dream” Episode 2×3 (Quotes)

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